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In order to support new functionality introduced in each PostgreSQL release, pgAudit maintains a separate branch for each PostgreSQL major version (currently PostgreSQL 9.5 - 11) which will be maintained in a manner similar to the PostgreSQL project.. There were a few posts about cool stuff built on top of PostgreSQL, a few posts about progress of the 9.6 development (e.g. when the parallel query got committed) etc. anarazel on Sept 29, 2016 > There's still only one major PostgreSQL release per year.).

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EDB Post gr es A dvanced S er ver 9. 6 B E TA. pdf postgresql 9.6.11 documentation data types 9. functions and operators 10. type conversion 11. indexes 12. full text search 13. concurrency control 14. performance tips 15. parallel query iii. server administration 16. installation from source code 17. installation from source code on windows 18. server setup and operation 19. server configuration 20. client authentication 21. вђ¦, how to extend this image. if you would like to do additional initialization in an image derived from this one, add one or more *.sql, *.sql.gz, or *.sh scripts under /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d (creating the directory if necessary).).

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PostgreSQL Documentation 9.6 Composite Types. postgresql has a rich set of native data types available to users. users can add new types to postgresql using the create type command. table 8.1 shows all the built-in general-purpose data types., a rich set of functions and operators is available to perform various geometric operations such as scaling, translation, rotation, and determining intersections.).

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documentation postgresql 9.6 type pdf