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Department of Periodontology and Oral Diseases, Miodowa St 18, 00-246 Warsaw Head of the unit/s: Prof. dr hab. Renata Górska The essentials”. HP Mueller, Thieme Verlag 2005 2. “Oral and maxillofacial medicine”. C Scully. Wright 2004 10. ECTS credits calculation Form of activity Number of hours Number of ECTS credits Direct hours with an academic teacher: Lectures-Seminars 4 0,2. Gingival recession is defined as the apical migration of the junctional epithelium with exposure of root surfaces. It is a common condition seen in both dentally aware populations and those with).

Enclosed within the deep and complex structures of the hip joint and the surroundings, acetabular fractures confront the orthopaedic surgeon with great challenges. F.Vilardell: The Value of Laparoscopy in the Diagnosis of Primary Cancer of the Liver Die Bedeutung der Laparoskopie bei der Diagnostik des primären Leberkarzinoms

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Historical and technical developments of potassium resources. for the exact topics of the lectures and seminars, please refer to the proper syllabus. clinical classes will take place on wednesdays and thursdays., thieme is an award-winning international medical and science publisher serving health professionals and students for more than 125 years.).

Second Year Summer Semester Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny. this book is a remarkably fresh text on the fundamentals of periodontology that will serve as a scientifically grounded yet practical clinical tool for students of dentistry and dental hygiene, private practitioners, hygienists, and periodontists alike., periodontologyвђ”the essentials provides readers with up-to-date information on the anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity as well as the latest methods for diagnosis, prevention, and therapy of periodontal disease. it is specifically designed to help busy dental professionals give their patients the highest level of care. throughout this book the author stresses the important connections).

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The combined efforts of human volunteers have recently extracted numerous facts from Wikipedia, storing them as machine-harvestable object-attribute-value triples in Wikipedia infoboxes. Baron, T. H.: Transnasal endoscopy to facilitate nasobiliary tube placement: a simple and safe technique to avoid injury to the endoscopist Full Text HTML